Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I Learned in Amsterdam

1. The Swedish chef is not that far off from how language sounds 'round these parts.

2. It's never a bad time for delicious Indian food; shout out to India for knowing something really important about flavor.

3. Waterways inside cities make me really happy. As does the ability to travel around and through a city on a boat.

4. Never tell the 22 year old Iranian Dutchman, Ali, at the bar that you are 28. He will think this is a hilariously old thing to say. He will also imply that you have a bad sense of humor because you didn't get his joke about San Francisco. Something about video games? ...

5. Do ask to get into the VIP-only high schooler party with the hip hop music busting out the doors. Do not expect to get in. Amsterdam's youth are picky about who they party with.

6. Cities built according to people scale feel different than cities built according to a car's scale. The cars are what's out of place here and the bikes rule the roads. It's not only that it's slower; it's that "pleasant" is ridiculously uninterrupted.

7. I can walk a city with a 25 pound backpack on my back.

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