Sunday, September 6, 2009

If You Want to Make Mercury Laugh Tell it Your Plans

(JP) The beautiful Boston wedding wrapped. Brunch this morning was lovely. Dan's driving our planned-out selves to Logan and we're sighing and laughing like champs. Then, I pull out my itinerary only to find my brain had opted to remember Mon's departure time better than my own (we're on different flights). "Uh, guys. My flight's leaving in 50 minutes."

Right. So, in true Mercury-in-retrograde form I've already managed to miss a flight. Now, I'm on the next one out. Mon's en route. Remember my type-anxious stature? Well, it's hunching in puke position right about now. But, here's hoping for enough time to take a peek at Munich as my new stopover.

And I'm pretty sure I and the asian guy next to me are the only minorities going to Munich. Hey, at least I've got a friend while Mon waits patiently for her lame friend to get to Amsterdam.

God-willing, we'll laugh over this and a beer in due time.

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  1. omg, it's like my trip with mon to italy redux style! except we missed our flight together. sounds like you're having the best time! jealous! thinking of you guys. xoxo